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Flat, Hand, Wall, and Wire Sawing in Bloomington, Illinois

Gronemeier Concrete Cutting in Bloomington, Illinois, provides precise flat, hand, wall, and wire sawing services. We are capable of handling any job that requires concrete cutting.
Flat Sawing
Flat sawing is the most common method of cutting horizontal concrete surfaces. Our wall-mounted diamond blade can cut up to 24 inches in depth. This technique is used to create expansion joints and remove damaged pavement sections.
Hand Sawing
Handsaws are small and provide increased portability allowing us greater access to tight locations at your job site. They are perfect for:
• Cutting Door and Window Opening
• Cutting Concrete Pipes to Length
• Creating Openings for Electrical and Plumbing
• Reducing Over-Cuts
Wall Sawing
Our track-mounted wall saw perfect for creating cuts in spaces flat saws cannot be used, such as with horizontal walls or steep inclines. They can create precise openings in any concrete structure.
Wire Sawing
Wire sawing is ideal for cutting thick concrete when other sawing methods are not practical
due to space restrictions. With wire saws we
are able to remove large sections of heavily
reinforced concrete such as piers, towers, and
bridge sections
Concrete, Flat, Hand, Wall, and Wire Sawing in Bloomington, IL
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